Jose Gourmet Fried Mussels in Marinade


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From the famous Galician Rías, plump, meaty mussels are collected, shucked and fried in olive oil and finally packed by hand with artisanal pickled marinade made from all-natural ingredients.

Each 110-gram tin contains 7 to 10 pieces of luxurious morsels that provide bursts of rich umami flavors. You'll want bread to soak up the remaining tasty marinade. 

Store at ambient temperature. If not completely consumed, store in a sealed container and keep in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

Jose Gourmet combs the coasts of Portugal and Spain to find seafood of distinction. They believe in the principles

of fair trade, often paying in advance and never negotiating for better pricing. The artwork of Luis Mendonça on

the packaging is meant to pay homage to these fishermen and canneries who rely on manpower and lifelong

dedication to their trade.