Jcoco Chocolate Mango Plantain Milk Chocolate 47% *Mini Size*


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Our Director of Ecommerce (and Miami native) Mellina White dreamed up the flavor combination of our Mango Plantain bar from two distinct recollections: her grandmother’s mango tree, always bursting with fruit in the summertime, and how almost every meal included some form of plantain. “To me this bar is home." -Mellina

Crunchy chewy bits of tropical fruits smothered in high cacao (47%) Peruvian milk chocolate. A pinch of sea salt clarifies diced mango and plantain chips, while a dash of habanero delivers a piquant finish. The cacao origin is Rupa-Rupa, the Upper Amazon region of Peru. The beans are fermented for 7 days and dried for 7 days with a medium roast. 

Made in the United States of America