Jackie O's Tepache Perpetum Pineapple Sour w/ Habanero & Ginger

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Style: Stainless steel fermented American Sour refermented on pineapple and conditioned on habaneros and ginger.


Description: Over the course of 3 months, Perpetum naturally becomes tart and full of character. A unique solera method, created using a proprietary yeast blend, ensure consistency and perpetual motion. An enlighted cross between the traditional Berliner Weisse style ales of old and ingredients inspired by Central Mexican Tepache, this lively sour wheat ale, packs in lush fruit flavors with a touch of heat.


Brewer’s Tasting Notes:


Appearance: dusty straw with white foam

Aroma:  bright pineapple juice with notes of preserved ginger and grassy chiles

Palate: vibrant acidity, juicy pineapple, gentle heat

ABV: 6.2%


Bottle Size: 500mL / 16.9oz.