Il Vince Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie 2022


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Alcohol: 12%

Grape(s): Pinot Grigio

Localization: Venezie, Italy

Tasting Notes: Proof that you don't have to sacrifice flavor, texture and a mouthwateringly crisp finish to get bargain Pinot Grigio! From vineyards near Trentino in Italy's Delle Venezie DOC, this all-tank Pinot Grigio offers up gentle aromas of apple, stone fruit, and lemon rind and plump, fleshy, flavors of yellow apple, golden apricot, and a nice "bop" of lemon pulp on the back palate. The lemony character keeps on pumping through a refreshingly dry finish where stone fruit and lime flavors linger. A great party Pinot Grigio.

The Domain: Since 1958, Cantina Veronese del Garda has continued to engage in great wine production with the harvest of over 1000ha of vineyards, with most of their locations in the DOCs of Bardolino, Custoza, and Lugana. In addition to the cultivation of the fruit, Cantina Castelnuovo prides itself on maintaining the biodiversity of the natural areas surrounding the winery, which they believe maximizes the potential of the soil for each season.