Hermit Thrush Supah Peach Barrel Aged Sour Golden Ale *Single Can*


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Barrel aged sour golden ale

Hermit Thrush Brewing, Brattleboro, VT

"This barrel aged sour golden ale is a select blend of golden ales aged in white wine barrels, with local peaches ???, fermented with ? Brattleboro wild mixed culture. 5.9%abv.  Brewed in August 2019 and aged for 18 months.

The pale base malt recipe of this beer allows the bright apricot notes from our wild yeast to shine, and the flavors of the white wine barrels to come through. The long maturation time in oak harmonizes the flavors, and acts as a backdrop to the phunky flavors that only 18 months with mixed microbes can do. Packed with peaches, this beer is sure to tantalize your taste buds. The result is complex yet balanced, fruity, and of course, phunky ?."

5.9% ABV
16 oz Cans; Single Can