HEDENE French Acacia Honey and French Espelette Pepper


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Hédène honey and Espelette pepper is the meeting between two unique ingredients: French acacia honey and Espelette pepper. With a light reddish color and liquid texture, this preparation is a delight for sweet and sour cuisine. On meat or cheese, this flavored preparation brings taste and originality.

Subtly flavored with Espelette pepper, acacia honey reveals its entire aromatic fineness through a modern and original preparation. This singular delicacy is the result of French traditional know-how. Harvested in France according to traditional beekeeping, Hédène acacia honey, sweet and fine, perfectly matches the intense and fruity flavor of Espelette pepper for a long-lasting flavored and scented honey.

Made up of 2% of Espelette pepper, this preparation is perfect for flavored sweet and sour mixes. With a duck breast or ribs, on a cheese like crottin de Chavignol or simply to lift a sauce, the acacia honey and Espelette pepper preparation bring a touch of extravagance to your dishes.

Ingredients: French acacia honey 98%, Espelette pepper 2%. 

Size: 1.4 oz

Hédène is recognized in the gastronomy and French cheese spheres

Hédène, is the willingness to restore French honey’s nobility through a wide range of monofloral regional honeys with uncommon tastes, colors and textures. Noble and natural, Hédène French honeys bring to light the wonderfully rich floral heritage of France through a unique traditional know-how.Hédène offers exceptional French honeys with an incomparable refinement as apiaries are established in the most beautiful wildflowers parcels of France and honeys are cold extracted. Whether you enjoy them raw with a spoon or in a recipe, Hédène honeys will take your senses to an unforgettable journey. Thanks to its traceability and high quality process, the brand is appreciated by the greatest starred chefs and distributed in the most prestigious gourmet places in France and internationally.

With its multiple partnerships in the world of gastronomy, Hédène has an innovative process and shows honey is a proper ingredient. Just like spices or olive oil, it might brighten up your favorite dish. Symbol of French excellence, the aromatic finesse of every Hédène honey is suitable with any recipe.

Serge Vieira, an emblematic figure in the world of gastronomy, 2 Michelin-stars and Bocuse d’Or, is a perfect example as he is Hédène’s godfather. Chef Vieira was appealed to the unique flavors of Hédène honeys and the development of French soils. He cooks with Hédène honeys to brighten up the menu of his gourmet restaurant, located in Chaudes-Aigues in Cantal. Some one-of-a-kind recipes have been created with him, to the delight of finest epicures.