Halfway Crooks Pintje Pilsner


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In Flemish a pint is called a Pintje. A Pintje is usually a pilsner. There is a similarity in the pronunciation of Pintje and what the Flemish call a pinky. A Pintje comes in 25cl. Ordering bier is easy and common, usually with a light tap on the table, holding up a pinky and then the number of biers you and your friends would like, or maybe just you. The softest tap is heard, the biers arrive in correct numbers. the biers are goed, the company is goed. We normally order a Pintje at the Sporting Pigeon which has a chill vibe unless there is a soccer game on, then it is a chill vibe, too. People play a type of billiards, bingo, and cards in the back. There are Pintje holders under the table, so they do not get in the way of the cards. If you win bingo, you win canned goods of all kinds. We miss those days in Belgium so we made a Belgian Pilsner called Pintje. We curated our bar to have a similar vibe. Our bar is closed for now, so this pint will be more of the American size in 16oz cans, but we will pour it in steps in a 25cl glass at home. We suggest you do, too. Brewed with Belgian Pilsner, hops we would use in Belgium, and lager yeast. Pintje is goed. It is very goed. We are happy with it and hope you will be. It was lagered for 6 weeks, and krausened, so there is a soft carbonation and refinement we love about it. It simple and elegant. It reminds us of Belgium.


4-pack 16oz Cans