Gunderloch "Jean Baptiste" Riesling Kabinett 2018


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21.8g/l RS, 8.5g acid, 10.5% alc. Always a pleasure and always great value for Riesling-lovers. The grapes for Jean-Baptiste are grown on the lower terraces of Gunderloch's three top vineyard sites: Nierstein Hipping, Nierstein Pettenthal and Nackenheim Rothenberg (all grand cru sites). Technically a feinherb style, or "balanced off-dry," this is a wine we've used again and again to introduce consumers to the joys of German Riesling. The wine starts out fruity and intense on the palate, then finishes seemingly drier than usual. Very pleasing with great tension and better "snap" than you'd expect, this is exciting to drink!