Gunderloch "Rothenberg" Riesling Trocken 2018

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The Rothenberg Vineyard encompasses around 20 hectares directly on the Rhine River on the north end of the “Roter Hang” between Nackenheim and Nierstein. Around 5 hectares of this comprise the heart of the Rothenberg. The vineyard has a slope varying in steepness from 30-80% and is comprised of 290-million-year-old red shale plates. Family Hasselbach of the Gunderloch Estate own around 4.5 hectares of this prime vineyard made up predominantly of very steep parcels. The Nackenheimer Rothenberg is without question the most important site at the Gunderloch estate. It yields wines of striking mineral character paired with a broad spectrum of expressive spice and fruit aromas. The GG is powerful and dry with a long arc of maturation, 100% aged in 600L neutral barrels and fermented naturally.