Guido Gobino Crema Gianduja Spread (Chocolate Maker)


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When Napoleon blockaded the Atlantic, Italy ceased to be the world's chocolate epicenter due to a severely diminished supply of cacao from the New World, and thus, the era of French domination of chocolate was born. Piedmontese chocolatiers, trying to survive with what trickle of cacao they could get, became inventive and started adding Tonda Gentile della Langa hazelnuts during the grinding process. Thus,Gianduja was born, and today, it is arguably Italy's most unique and recognizable chocolate tradition. With its current popularity, there are countless producers of Gianduja. Our job is to find the best, and after years of searching, we have done it. We give you Guido Gobino. Still using the now-protected and uber-expensive Langhese hazelnuts.

Guido Gobino's Cream Gianduja spread is an addicting, luxurious spread that is perfect for spreading on toast, pastries, or for eating straight out of the jar with a spoon. The simple, short list of ingredients and phenomenal taste and texture make this a must have for both chocolate connoisseurs and those with an occasional sweet tooth. PGI Langhese hazelnuts, cacao, and hazelnut oil are it's only ingredients, and we just can't get enough.

Size: 220 grams in a glass jar

Made in Turin, Italy

Serve with pastry, fruit, or incorporate into baked goods