Graviera Agrafon DOP *Quarter Pound*


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This is a delicious hard table cheese produced exclusively from sheep milk or a mixture of sheep milk and no more than 30% goat milk. This cheese has been made for over a century in the mountainous Agrafon area of the Karditsa prefecture, and it contains the aroma and flavor of mountain herbs.

Graviera Agrafon cheese is ripened for around three months. During the maturing process, microflora develops on its surface which contributes to the ripening process and the characteristic scent of the cheese. It is a hard, round cheese, usually available in varying sizes from 2 to 3 kilos.

The interior of the cheese is compact and full of small holes. Not as popular as Graviera Naxou or Graviera Kritis, this bright yellow cheese has a slightly sweet taste and rich aroma that make it worth trying. Sliced, this cheese pairs well with tannic red wines.