" Goat Over It" - Cheese Happy Hour for LIVE EVENT 4/20/21


Only 5 left!

 Cheese Happy Hour is where you can taste new cheeses in a relaxed and fun setting. You can choose to join in on the live event on Cheese to the People's Facebook Page, or you can taste at the time that's best for you with the videos of the tastings! Just purchase your package and then access the videos at www.cheesetothepeople.com

Goat Over It / April 20th, 2021

Package Includes:

1/4lb Garrotxa (pasteurized Goat's milk, Spain)

1/4lb Laura Chanel Fresh Chevre w/ Truffles (pasteurized Goat's milk, California)

1/4lb Firefly Farms Black and Blue (pasteurized Goat's milk, Maryland)

Favols Walnut and Apple Jam for Cheese

Like a tipple while you nosh? 

Click through on any item to add a bottle of wine or beer hand picked for this tasting! Options avilable to meet all budgets and tastes. 


Picking Up Your Packages:

 All packages will be available for pickup at Arrowine & Cheese, located at 4508 Lee Highway, Arlington VA

We want you to receive your items in the best possible condition, therefore reccomend picking up on the day of your event whenever possible.

If you would prefer to request a Monday pick-up please feel free to let us know using the notes tab in your cart on checkout.

All packages will default to TUESDAY pick-up.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless specified in cart notes, all box pickups will default to the day of the LIVE EVENT. Please let us know if you need your package early and we will accomodate requests whenever possible.

Once the LIVE EVENT has passed, all boxes will be available on day of purchase. 

About the LIVE event:

Live events happen every other Tuesday at 5:30pm.

Connect by tuning in on Cheese to the People's Facebook page or directly from their website. Past events will be archived for a self guided experience anytime!