Francois Mikulski Mersault 2019


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Alcohol : 13,5%

Grape(s) : Chardonnay

Localisation : Meursault, Burgundy, France

Tasting Note : "Light gold robe, green highlights, very luminous. A particularly fresh nose – from small white flowers and elegant fine herbs; chervil, grass, primroses and daffodils, aniseed and sugar candy, icing sugar, ginger and eucalyptus strips, eggshell and Montélimar nougat; energetic and bright. The fruit is discreet – a cocktail of white fruits and citrus intermingled with the fine herbs; we sense kiwi, vine peach, Comice pear, passion fruit; then we come full circle, with the communicative energy of extreme freshness remaining consistent.
The palate is perfectly in keeping with the nose; the citrus fruits resonate more strongly here; orange, kumquat, passion fruit, mango; the expression of the wine is constantly advancing, the citrus fruits adding dynamic zing. The finish is also totally coherent with the story this Meursault has told us so far. Taut like a bow, tantalising with citrus fruits, supported by the fresh and clearly defined mineral structure of the soil; this Meursault, incredibly fresh, tastes like a Meix Chavaux, if it weren’t for the hint of barley sugar and the subtle candied jelly that persists and that brings us back to the south-eastern exposure.
It would not be unheard of to drink it after half an hour in a carafe, with a sole simply grilled and a squeeze of a lemon; or open after a classic laying-down period of five to seven years and enjoy with a delicate fish in a classic butter-based sauce."

A Meursault wine is ideally drunk at between 5 and 10 years old. When mature, its palate and nose are explosive, releasing a whole palette of aromas: honey, exotic fruits, butter, hazelnut, grilled almonds, yellow fruit, aniseed, caramel, and more.

Food Pairing : It is served as an accompaniment to hot shellfish, fish or white meat, preferably with butter or cream sauce (chicken with cream and morels; scallops, hot oysters, etc.)

This wine comes from a variety of Meursault parcels (Meix Chavaux, Les Pelles Dessus, Chaumes de Narvaux, Moulin Landin , Limozin Pellans and Tillets), whose wines are produced separately and then blended (except for some vintages and Meix Chavaux and Limozin, which are bottled separately). They cover a total area of 1.5 hectares. Our style of wine-making is designed to preserve the minerality of the terroir. The subsoil consists of fine scree, rich in limestone gravels.

The average age of the vines is 35 years.
Annual production: around 9,000 bottles.
The vines are cultivated using non-certified organic methods.