Fossier Pink Biscuits of Reims


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Fossier “Biscuit Rose de Reims” are pink ladyfinger biscuits with an airy, wafer-like texture and sprinkled with powdered sugar

Made with the same recipe from Reims (Champagne Region) France since the 17th century
Also known as "Pink Champagne Biscuits" because they were traditionally dipped in champagne and red wine

Size: 100 grams

Fossier is a French confectionery brand specializing in manufacturing biscuits, sweets, marzipan-based treats, and gingerbread. Founded in 1756, during the reign of Louis XV, Fossier became one of the most beloved suppliers of biscuits to the King, receiving a Royal seal of King Charles X diploma in 1825. Located in Reims - this famous biscuits, sweets, and marzipan-based confectionery brand quickly won over even the pickiest palates and became a family favorite.