Fossier Pink Biscuits with Raspberry and Chocolate


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Fossier Raspberry Chocolate Croquant Biscuits are delicious French cookies that beautifully combine the sweetness of chocolate with the tartness of raspberries. A luscious layer of chocolate is sandwiched between sweet and fruity biscuits, creating a satisfyingly crunchy and well-balanced snack!

Size: 170 grams

Fossier is a French confectionery brand specializing in manufacturing biscuits, sweets, marzipan-based treats, and gingerbread. Founded in 1756, during the reign of Louis XV, Fossier became one of the most beloved suppliers of biscuits to the King, receiving a Royal seal of King Charles X diploma in 1825. Located in Reims - this famous biscuits, sweets, and marzipan-based confectionery brand quickly won over even the pickiest palates and became a family favorite.