Fond Bone Broth "Organic Chicken Bouquet Garni"


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Grab yourself a sous-chef in a jar with this fresh combination of sage, rosemary and thyme. The secret to successful entertaining, with health benefits to boot. It’s an incredible addition to any meal, whether you sip it straight or include it in a recipe.


14oz jar provides 1-3 servings, depending on how much broth you like to sip! We recommend starting with 5-7 oz and working your way up from there.


Here at FOND, two of our true passions are sustainability and high-quality ingredients, everywhere from our bone broth brewing process to our shipments that arrive at your door. 

We make really delicious bone broth tonics (we’re not just saying that, it’s true!) that are truly food-as-medicine. We start with a base broth made up of chicken feet, backs, and necks (more gelatin this way!) and veggies. Then we infuse a variety of fresh, organic herbs into to impart the unique, delicious flavors that our broths are known for. And our process, from brew to packaging, is 100% plastic-free. Even our packaging is 100% recyclable or biodegradable.

Did you know that a lot of ready-made bone broths use dried herbs? Not us! We always use fresh herbs in our infusions. We want our broths to taste just as they would if you pulled out all the stops in your own kitchen. And to do one better, we only use organic herbs. It’s the same story with the carrots and celery in our base broth - always organic, always fresh. 

We think you can tell the difference when you taste our tonics. We opt for organic veggies and herbs because organic is a heavily regulated certification that greatly limits the amount of pesticides that can be used during the growing process. 

When it comes to sourcing our chicken and beef bones, we’re adamant about buying from farmers doing things in a way that supports the animals, the farmers themselves, and the environment. An added bonus - this type of farming supports our health, too. Right now, all of our chicken is 100% organic and free-range, free to roam on pasture and spend time outside. Our beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, raised on regenerative farms. 

We have big goals, though, and are excitedly planning out the next few months. We’ve got some big surprises and new product launches up our sleeves. One of the things we’re most excited about, though, is being able to slowly move towards regenerative organic sourcing. We’ve sorted through a lot of different certifications, and we think that regenerative agriculture is truly the best path forward.