Filotea Egg Spaghetti Chitarra Nests Pasta "Le Matassine"


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Traditional square spaghetti, thicker than Tagliolini. Try these versatile spaghetti with tomato and fresh basil or go a heartier route with sausage and mushrooms.

Size: 250g (8.8 ounces)

When it comes to pasta making, the devil's in the details. The careful selection of the exact right flour, the freshest eggs or water and the accurate processing technique is key to producing the most delicious pasta.

To obtain the perfect texture to the pasta traditional processing techniques are used, extruding the dough through bronze dyes. Big screws press the dough in traditional bronze wire drawing machines and not in teflon which is mostly used by modern pasta factories. This roughens the surface of the pasta and allows it to better hold the savory sauce accompanying the dish.

The key to a high quality pasta is though not only the ingredients and their selection, but also the drying of the extruded shapes. Only with very low temperatures and allowing long drying times do you obtain a perfect result which shows both in the cooking and the ready to eat pasta.

Our artisan pasta comes from different parts of Italy, from beautiful Veneto to the heart of the Le Marche region, and southern Apulia, where durum wheat grows in abundance and is renowned for it’s high quality.