Evolucio Furmint 2021


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Alcohol: 12%

Grape(s): 100% Furmint

Localization: Tokaji, Hungary

Tasting Notes: One of the signature grapes from Hungary, Furmint is a mineral-forward and highly aromatic wine that is a delightful companion to a much wider range of food than you might think.

Food pairing: The rich, fruity flavors and acidity result in a wine that is easy to pair with rich fish-based dishes, creamy chicken, or even spicy dishes; also great with cheese, especially dry, matured goat cheese.
One can experiment with slow-cooked beef short ribs, it will benefit from Evolúció's high acid and rich

The Story: Evolúció come from the Tokaj region in Hungary. Tokaj is a synonym of dessert wines and takes its name from the town of Tokaj-Hegyalja in the northern part of the country. Tokaj is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2002. It also has the world's oldest classification system which started in 1730, several decades before Port wine and 120 years before Bordeaux. The classification system was completed by national census in 1772.

 Tokaj Aszú was one of the Sun King Louis XIV’s favorite wines; he famously called it the "King of Wines, and Wine of King's". 

The Tokaji vineyards are located near the border with Slovakia and Ukraine and cover around 5000 ha, most planted against the south facing slopes. The area stretches over 85km long and 4km wide. The Bodrog and Tisza rivers dominate the plain and create the ideal conditions for Furmint and Hárslevelü to ripen and develop noble rot. The climate of Tokaj is continental with relatively high temperature variations. On the plain the average yearly temperature is 9 to 10ºC,  21 ºC in July and -3 ºC in January. On the mountain slopes the average annual temperature is higher by half a degree, yet winters are slightly colder. The average change of temperature is 13 ºC throughout the year; this coupled with long, sunny summers and dry and sunny early autumns allow for growing healthy and ideally ripened grapes. The humidity from the two rivers brings the autumn fog and therefore allows botrytis to develop. The average annual rainfall is 591 mm, due to the proximity of the Great Plain to the south; winters are relatively cold. Tokaj Vineyards are blessed with a wide variety of volcanic soils. This diversity of soils, with riolit, andezit, riolittufa and andezittufa, not only retain heat beautifully to ripen grapes evenly, they also develop the rich fruitiness in the final wine and impart a remarkable mineral character. This combination of fruit and minerality is the ideal combination to make exceptional wines with a good aging potential.