Equilibrium Keeping Memories Solera Ale 750mL


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Solera Foeder Farmhouse Ale

Equilibrium Brewing, 

A collaboration with @averieswanson of Keeping Together Beer. 

Keeping Memories is our first Solera beer, which uses fractional blending to generate an ale with a unique distribution of aged components. This creates a unique and complex beer with each blend while keeping aspects of style and quality fairly constant.

Keeping Memories pours a golden straw yellow with aromas of bright lemon zest, floral fields (that aren’t covered in 2 feet of snow), and a soft touch of oaky vanilla. After breaking through a creamy head, you’ll find crisp flavors of soft lemon, complex stone fruit, lime, grass, and vanilla oak in a creamy mouthfeel and a dry finish. The beer is elegant with a gracious #BalancedAcidity.

6% ABV

750ML Bottle