Equilibrium Paisley Pattern Solera Farmhouse Ale with Mango


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Farmhouse Ale with Mangoes

Equilibrium Brewing, Middletown, NY

Paisley Pattern is a very unique and exciting beer for us. It is the first fruited beer created from our perpetual solera project Keeping Memories, a project with @averieswanson. The ever-evolving product of this foeder produces blends of beer that are always slightly different than the last. Following the latest transfer of beer out of the foeder, we conditioned it on mangoes to bring you our newest creation. Paisley Pattern pours a golden straw yellow with elegant aromas of island fruit, lemongrass, and tropical sweet tarts. A creamy and soft head leads into delicate and balanced flavors of soft mango, bright citrus, lemongrass, and a snappy touch of lime with a vanilla presence from the oak tying everything together.

6% ABV

375mL Bottle