Elevation Meats - Various


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Available in 4.5oz pieces

Barley Wine - made with bourbon barrel aged barleywine and golden mustard seeds

Black Pepper - Made with whole and ground telecherry peppercorns and local red wine

Black Truffle Sea Salt - This salami is made with Italian black truffles, high quality sea salt and wine- a true respect to the greatest fungi on earth. Made with 100% humanely raised pork.

Maple Whiskey - Smoked maple bourbon with sea salt, sage, thyme, pepper, and nutmeg

Mole - Inspired by the famous Mexican mole, this salami is made with a spice blend of chilies, garlic, cinnamon and oregano. A local chocolate stout is used to add the authentic flavor derived from a slow cooked mole. Made with 100% humanely raised pork.


Contain Pork - Product of Colorado