Eisele Vineyard Altagracia Cabernet Sauvignon 2017


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WINEGROWING INFORMATION- The 2017 winter was the rainiest in five years. However, fewer storms than usual in the second half of the rainy season led to normal bud break. Spring temperatures were relatively mild and a period of accelerated canopy growth followed as the vines expended available energy. Vigor then slowed down with a first heat wave in June, leading to the latest bloom since 2012. The fruit set was uneven in some parcels, with smaller than average berry size across the ranch. The ensuing summer was warmer than usual, and veraison started slowly at the beginning of August. The maturation of the fruit followed the intense rhythm of heat waves in a “stop and go” pattern, ultimately resulting in fruit with great concentration and earthiness. Sorting was needed in the weaker blocks, so that only berries in perfect condition would reach the cellar, leading to even lower yields (35% less than 2016). The fruit was picked between September 21st and October 6 th before the fires. The Eisele Vineyard grapes are certified ‘Organic’ by CCOF and ‘Biodynamic’ by Demeter.

TASTING NOTES- The 2017 Altagracia is closer to its brother the Eisele Vineyard Cabernet than ever. The nose is floral and delicate at first, opening with a whiff of laurel, musk and patchouli. The mouthfeel is generous and ample with spicy notes of cumin and turmeric. The tannins are fine and chiseled, revealed by a gentle hand on extraction in the cellar. Notes of mocha, espresso and graphite linger on the palate while the fruit breaks out in the finish with fresh fig and black currant, reminding us of the tiny berries that were the signature of the 2017 vintage.

GRAPE SOURCE- 82% Cabernet Sauvignon 12% Cabernet Franc 6% Petit Verdot