Éclat Chocolate Alp Aleppo Chili & Pink Peppercorn Destination


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Embark on a trip around the globe. A blend of fresh ingredients, unique experiences, and renowned chocolate-making inspired by the wonderful world of travel. A love for travel, or “wanderlust,” gave our master chocolatier the vision to create these chocolate bars, intended to awaken unique flavors from your past and give you dreams of many more in your future. Originally from the Aleppo valley in Syria, Aleppo chile and pink peppercorn are ancient ingredients that date back to the days of the middle eastern silk road and trade routes. The mild heat from the chile and the bold flavor of the pink peppercorn in 65% dark chocolate create an exciting and unexpected chocolate experience. 

Our alp aleppo chile & pink peppercorn destination bar is gluten free.

Size: 63.5g (2.24oz)

Made in United States

Master chocolatier Christopher Curtin has been crafting some of the world’s finest chocolates for more than two decades. His truffles have been named the “Best in America” by Bon Appétit, and Vogue’s Jeffrey Steingarten called Éclat caramels the “world’s greatest,” so it may be a surprise to learn they’re made in Pennsylvania’s beautiful Brandywine Valley. Every chocolate at Éclat is manufactured and created using traditional European methods that rely on technique and experience to deliver a quintessential chocolate experience.