Domaine Stéphane Tissot Vin Jaune En Spois 2012


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A clean, precise dry wine, with notes of spices and curry. The palate is rich, complex, with flavours of walnuts, cinnamon and gingerbread. A never-ending finish.

A Vin Jaune, therefore a 100% Savagnin wine, certified organic by ECOCERT and biodynamic by DEMETER, matured sous voile (or under a ‘veil’ of flor), grown on a very lovely clayey terroir from the Lias period, facing west. The vines are located beneath the village of Menétru-Le-Vignoble. A vin jaune that’s been dubbed l'or du Jura– the gold of the Jura. The harvesting is done late in the season, in the second half of October. The wine is then moved into a Burgundy barrel where it remains 6 years and 3 months, without ever topping off the barrel. Over time 1/3 of the total volume evaporates, while a layer of flor forms on the surface of the wine in the barrel, which nourishes and protects the wine during this period. Once this period is over, "la percée" can be performed, and the wine bottled.