Domaine Ostertag Pinot Blanc "Les Jardins" 2019


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Alcohol: 13%

Grape(s): Pinot Blanc

Localization: Alsace, France

Tasting notes: Ostertag’s gorgeous barrel-aged Pinot Blanc is an ethereal, supremely fine glass of wine, as if they figured out how to bottle clouds.

The Domain: 

To call André Ostertag a revolutionary winemaker is to tell just half the story. He is a pioneer, certainly, but also an ardent environmentalist. After training in Burgundy, André returned to the family Domaine in Alsace with renewed zeal: he lowered yields considerably and introduced viticultural and vinification techniques from other regions to his own home ground. He looks for the nuance of terroir rather than the typicity of a grape varietal. André rejects formulaic, scientifically engineered wines, and since going biodynamic in 1997, has been an active member of the natural farming community.