Domaine Olivier Hillaire Châteauneuf du Pape


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‘Cuvée Classique’ Blend: 85% Grenache 10% Syrah 5% Mourvèdre

Production: Approx. 550 cases annually

In the vines

Olivier is a rugby legend in his local hometown of Bédarrides and it is from this past that he obtained his tireless work ethic in the vineyards. He likes to allow nature to work its magic but he keeps an extremely watchful eye and insists on working the soil of his mostly sandy parcels often to discourage any growth in between the rows that might steal nutrients away from the vines. Green harvest, minimal chemicals and manual harvest are staples with Olivier.

In the cellar

Philippe Cambie is Olivier’s Oenologue and one of his best friend’s from back in their rugby days. Olivier became a great winemaker and Philippe a great oenologue! What could make a better team?! With Cambie’s guidance, Olivier takes a more modern approach when vinifying and aging his wines. The grapes are usually destemmed if the vintage will allow it and everything ferments in small, metal tanks for about a month. Demi-muids (50hl) barrels are Hillaire’s aging vessel of choice because their capability to allow the Grenache to breath while still being able to round and fill out the wines. The different varietals will age separately, unless he has no more room and absolutely has to blend prematurely. The ‘Cuvée Classique’ will age in barrel for 14-16 months before bottling.