Domaine Du Pas Saint Martin "Le Vent Dans Les Saules Anjou 2019


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100% Chenin Blanc

Domaine du Pas Saint Martin is set among troglodyte caves formed out of ancient fossilized marine life that covered the Saumur region 10 million years ago.

Laurent Charrier and his mother run the domaine which is a certified organic farm. Laurent’s father was not interested in producing wine and thus in 1994 when Laurent took over the responsibility of the domaine, he picked up where his grandfather had left off. He immediately set out to acquire certification for organic farming which he received in 1997. The family vineyards are a bit spread out with small holdings in Anjou and Coteaux du Layon in addition to their primary vineyard in Saumur. The average age of the vines is 25 years with a good part being older than 35 years. Vinification is carried out in temperature controlled stainless steel vats.

As Laurent says, “If wine connects people to each other, the Earth and particularly the culture of the vine, connects the generations between them. Today, I harvest vines planted by my grandfather and my great-grandfather and I plant plots today that will be harvested again, I hope in two generations. There is something magical about this job… ”

In 1996, Laurent Charrier made the choice to work in the vineyard according to the principles of organic farming. No synthetic chemicals are used in the plots. The vines are plowed at the end of winter, then maintained by hoeing the soil and mowing the grass.

This straight, structured, clean and precise organic Anjou wine, as Laurent Charrier knows how to do, is a great success. This is a cuvée that stands out for its beautiful balance between tension, liveliness and gluttony. We love its fresh and chiseled side, which expresses the terroir of schist and its minerality.

A superb expression of the Chenin grape that you can eat, with shellfish or with freshwater fish or sea fish.