Domaine de Saint Ser "Cuvée Prestige" Côte de Provence Blanc 2020


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Alcohol : 13,5%

Grape(s) : Rolle (Also named Vermentino)

Localisation : Sainte Victoire, Côtes de Provence, France

Tasting Notes: The two main characteristics of these grape varieties are white flowers notes followed by exotic fruits. Fermented and vinified in a terracotta amphora and in a sandstone jar, the Vermentino then develops all its flavors with elegance and intensity.

The Domain: The area of the Sainte-Victoire is bathed in a fascinating light which makes it a preferred site for wine growing. The highest vineyard of Sainte-Victoire mountain’s slope, Domaine de Saint-Ser has particularly distinctive soils and enjoys a southern exposure. REVEALING THE WEALTH OF TERROIR BY

SELECTING THE BEST CONTAINER: On the one hand, a stainless-steel vat room is fully equipped with temperature control allows the Cellar Master to monitor the winemaking without disturbing its natural cycle.

On the other hand, a winery where we find traditional wooden barrels beside terracotta amphoras, stoneware jars, and concrete eggs. Ovoid containers enable aromatic extraction and offer great local wines.


Jacqueline Guichot Bertin and her team believe that the best wines come from a healthy vineyard (without chemical input) in the utmost respect for the terroir.

“Working with a biodynamic calendar, we must observe, smell, taste, to assess the right moment at each stage.

Each wine takes time and that makes it unique…”