Desobry - "Pearl Collection" Chocolate Box


Only 7 left!

An exquisite selection of 5 chocolate pearls (milk chocolate crème brûlée; dark chocolate with cacao nibs; white chocolate vanilla; dark chocolate raspberry; and milk chocolate hazelnut praline).

Size: 195g (6.88oz)

Made in Belgium

It all started in 1947, when Léon Desobry cooked his own gourmet recipes in his workshop. Without knowing it, he created cookies that would be unanimously appreciated in over 40 countries for more than half a century! Desobry cookies are authentic Belgian products: each cookie is produced in Tournai (Belgium), and most Desobry cookies are covered with delicious Belgian chocolate. Considered to be one of the tastiest brands in the world, Desobry has always been synonymous with culinary excellence, pleasure, and discovery. Their recipes are a subtle balance between respect for traditions and the desire for innovation. Today, Desobry is a family biscuit factory that sells in more than 40 countries, seduces the biggest brands in global distribution, produces 45 different cookies, and aims to be innovative,  in terms of both novelty cookies and novelty packaging.