Dal Maso Ca' Fischele Gambellara 2020


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Alcohol: 12.5%

Grape(s): Garganega

Localization: Vicenza, Italy

Tasting Notes: Made from grapes grown in volcanic soils, this offers enticing aromas of beeswax, wild herbs and stone fruit. Rounded and medium-bodied, the polished palate combines finesse and flavor, delivering ripe apple, peach and citrus alongside a savory mineral note suggesting oyster shell. Tangy acidity keeps it balanced and fresh.

The Domain: 1887 The Dal Maso family begins to produce wine from its own vineyards on the hills of what is now the Gambellara Doc.

1919 Grandfather Serafino founded the company Dal Maso.

1975 The father, Luigino, established the DAL MASO LUIGINO, and with him, the real modernization of the company begins.

1976 We started producing the first bottles of Gambellara Classico.

1988 First harvest of the “CA’ CISCHELE, ” the historic wine of the Dal Maso family from Garganega grapes.

1985 The acquisition of new properties in the most suitable areas of the Berici Hills.

1991 Nicola joins his father in wine production after completing his studies at the San Michele all’Adige Technical Agricultural Institute.

1995 Silvia enters the company and begins to manage the business with her brother Nicola and her father Luigino.

2002 The construction of the new round cellar begins as a tribute to Palladio and the beautiful shapes of the hills on which the company stands.

2019 They celebrate their first 100 years, an important goal reserved for a few.