Crémeux des Alpes - Moleson Signature


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Available in half pound increments 

The Crémeux des Alpes Signature with 5 months maturation is the result of the very close collaboration between Fromi's Master Cheesemaker and the Fromagerie Moléson. This cheese is made from mountain milk produced in the canton of Fribourg. The farms are located around the famous Mount Moléson in the Pre-Alps of Fribourg, which peaks at an altitude of 2002 meters. To make Crémeux des Alpes, the cheesemaker must first enrich the milk with cream. The manufacturing process is very tricky, because when milk is enriched with cream, the curd is more likely to spoil. Le Crémeux des Alpes is a cheese full of character, with a superb length on the palate, a particularly delicious and creamy cheese. It’s beautiful dark rind, its markings on the wheel and its original shape, which means it can also be cut into generous portions, will add character to your display, and generate additional sales.

Raw Cow's Milk - Product of France