Copain "Les Voisins" Chardonnay" 2018

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Alcohol: 13,2%

Grape(s): Chardonnay

Localization: Anderson Valley, California, USA

Tasting Notes: Aromas of Meyer lemon, golden delicious apple, pine needles, Asian pear, lemon blossom, lemon verbena, and fresh pear. Meyer lemon, Granny Smith apple, fresh pear, mineral/river rock on the palate. No oak influence, with a crisp acidity that carries all the way through.

The Domain: Copain is dedicated to producing top-quality vineyard-designated, complex, varietally correct, and food-friendly wines without being heavy-handed.

Winemaker Wells Guthrie believes that quality starts with the vineyard. In pursuit of this, Copaín has created and will continue to seek relationships with growers who are committed to what they believe are the key attributes necessary to produce world-class wines: vineyard exposition, clonal selections, and dedication to organic farming practices.

In the tradition of great regional village wines from France Wells also produces a series of wines under Copain's Saisons des Vins program. Wines come from the great regional village wines of France. There are four wines, one for each season of the year. the Varietals are chosen to coincide with the climate and cuisine associated with each. The Rose is for Spring (Les Printemps) when the weather starts to warm and the picnics begin. The Viognier (formerly Sauvignon Blanc) is crisp and clean for the hot Summer (l'ete) months to accompany the cool salads and dining al fresco. The cooling days of Autumn (l'automne) bring all the earthy fall dishes that call for the perfect Pinot Noir. Finally, Winter (l'hiver), with its cold days beckon for hearty fare and a rich warming Syrah.

In October 2004, Copain was named "Most Promising New Winery" in the annual Wine Issue of Food & Wine Magazine. Wells said, "I'm trying to keep one foot here and one in the Rhône, to make wines that hem in the ripe fruit we get here and have the elegance of great European wines."