Confiture Parisienne Harissa Jam X FeGH


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There's nothing like a trip to the sun to recharge your batteries. Confiture Parisienne leaves the greyness of the Paris region and sets down its bags in the sublime land of deserts and oases. 

To guide us on our journey, who better than FeGH ( aka Frédérick Ernestine Grasser Hermé)? Winner of the first special jury prize at the 2008 Couscous Festival, she revealed the secret of the Tunisian red gold: harissa. But that's not all. On the pages of her book, she offers her expert advice on how to make an exceptional couscous.

If you can't travel, we can bring back the warmth of the palm grove with our harissa. With red peppers, coriander and even raspberries, the result is a colourful, fragrant and very tasty texture. 

As an add-on to a sandwich, a couscous or even a sophisticated dish, you'll make this harissa your go-to sauce!

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Jar 100g

Composition: Raspberry, fresh chilli, dry chilli, olive oil, fleur de sel, garlic, coriander seed.

Tasting tips: with some kinds of couscous

Made in France