Confiture Parisienne Glitter in Your Heart Jam "22 carat Gold Glitter"


Only 4 left!

For Valentine's Day, give a gift of gold jam!

You read that right: 22-carat gold in the form of glitter illuminating a pomegranate jelly, that's "Glitter in your heart", the special Saint Val one shot from Confiture Parisienne.

And it's good? Better than that! Because gold has a taste - yes, Madame! And it was used as early as the 17th century to enchant the desserts of the French king's mistresses. Is gold an aphrodisiac? It seems so. 

What is certain is that with its naughty name, the new recipe of Confiture Parisienne will melt all those who have "the heart grenadine" as Laurent Voulzy sang. And it's no understatement to say that it's also beautiful! 

When you see the glitter in your spoon shining in the joyful transparency of grenadine, your heart -and hers- will definitely go "boom!"

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Made in France