Confiture Parisienne Orange Kumquat Jam


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Confiture Parisienne created a brand new collection of jams: "Les Duos".

Recipes are composed of two “flavors”: fruit and a flower, like “Abricot Lavande” (apricot/lavender) — or two fruits like “Orange Kumquat” and “Framboise Litchi” (raspberry/litchi). Recipes that will make you (re)discover the basics with a little "extra" added.

Recipes that will make you (re)discover the basics but with the addition of a little "twist" .

And still for this collection, much more fruit than sugar, unrefined cane sugar, cooked in small quantities in our laboratory in the heart of Paris.

Tasting tips
Sweet: On toast, pancake, cake, or cottage cheese. 
Savory: with foie gras, and long matured cheese (like old comté cheese )
Made in France