Comptoir du Cacao Praline Assortment red Xmas Gift Box 9 squares


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Why not treat a loved one to this delicious assortment of flaky praline squares, housed inside a festive gold-foiled gift box? 

Size: 90 grams

Product of France

Chocolate was first introduced to France in the early 17th century; it was a unique wedding gift to King Louis XIII from his soon-to-be wife - Anne of Austria. However, the love connection between cocoa delights and royals doesn't end there - chocolate became an inseparable part of Louis XV and Marie Antoinette's lives too. After Mr. Debuisson, a famous French inventor, created the first grinding table mill for cocoa beans - chocolate, a noble and exotic treat, transformed into the universal symbol of love worldwide! You can savor all the tempting flavors of everything from ruby chocolate to candied orange bars in our selection of the best French chocolate bars!

Established in 2001, Comptoir Du Cacao is a family-run artisan chocolatier brand creating single-origin pure cacao butter chocolates. Comptoir Du Cacao masterfully blends tasty candied oranges, strawberries, hazelnuts, and other tempting delights with premium quality cocoa beans to craft unmatched French chocolate while following the artisanal chocolate-making traditions.