Compagnie Française des Poivres et Epices - Wild Pepper from Madagascar "Black Voatsiperifery"


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Piper Borbonense


Wild pepper from Madagascar Voatsiperifery is a real pepper that grows on lianas climbing on the tall trees of the tropical forest of the island of Madagascar in the hot and humid regions of the Southeast where its harvest is ensured by village communities.

They are also found on Reunion Island and Mauritius. It is often confused with the Cubeb, it is even called the “cubeb of the country” in Mauritius. Other vernacular names are attributed to it: brown betel, wild pepper or cattle. Its nose is surprising, strongly aromatic with woody, resinous and earthy notes but also notes of citrus, fruit and flowers. It evokes certain aromatic herbs. Its taste is very fresh and persistent.

Made in Madagascar