Compagnie Française des Poivres et Epices - Bay of Moines


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Vitex Agnus-Castus

The bay of the monks is the dried fruit of the Chaste Tree. In the Middle Ages monks cultivated it for its aphrodisiac virtues (although no study has been able to prove this power). It also helps to facilitate digestion and is a good anti-inflammatory. This berry is small and is adorned with different colors, gray, white, and brown. On the palate, there are light floral notes and a beautiful bitterness.

Advice for use: You will use this berry to spice up your salads, soups, and broths. You can also use it on all vegetables, green beans, carrots, potatoes, and leeks... It can be used on white fish and white meats, poultry, or pork. Sweet, it can add something to your fruit salads and other fruity desserts.


Made in Turkey