Clemens Busch Marienburg GG FAHRLAY Riesling Trocken 2017


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The 2017er Pündericher Marienburg Fahrlay GG was fermented spontaneously in traditional oak casks with fruit harvested in a blue slate part of the Marienburg vineyard. It is still quite restrained and only timidly shows a beautifully complex and refined nose of almond cream, vineyard peach, white flowers, lanoline and mint. The wine is beautifully refined and airy on the palate. The wine seems to dance on the tongue and one could be forgiven for expecting a light and easy drinking wine at first. But this is not the case as the wine becomes denser, sharper and more complex in the very long, crisp and energetic finish. This gorgeous, comparatively light and layered dry Riesling just needs time to fully develop more complexity.