Claude Vialade Réserve du Champs des Nummus Chardonnay Limoux Blanc 2016


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This wine is named after the numerous Nummulite fossils to be found scattered over the vineyard.

Tasting Notes-A complex, mineral nose with which are mingled hints of ripe fruit, flowers and spices. Full and lingering on the palate, firm, rich, and of great elegance. The silky finish reveals a nice freshness, but also a laying-down potential of at least 5 years.

Varietals- 100% Chardonnay; yields at 30-40 hl/ha

Terroir- The sub-soil is limestone clay, and the gravelly top-soil is black, and rich in shale and pebbles.

Winemaking- Hand-harvested. The grapes are tipped delicately into the press. Pressing is slow-paced, and the juice is encouraged to settle by the use of low temperatures. Once clarified the juice is gravity-pulled into barrels. 20% of the barrels are new and 80% are one or two vintages old..