Château Le Bergey Bordeaux 2021


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Alcohol: 14%

Grape(s): 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot

Localization: Bordeaux, France

Tasting Notes: Dark intense fruit; cooked cherry, licorice, currant, and hints of baking chocolate. Intense and concentrated on the palate. Ripe cherry, licorice, blackberry followed dry tannins and a tightly wound fruit on the finish.

Notes: 28-year-old vines/gravel, clay, limestone/6m French oak. Le Bergey is the entry-level label of Château L’Escart, a Bordeaux Supérieur winery run by the Laurent family which lives on the property. Biodynamically farmed estate vineyards and is vinified traditionally, without the use of chemicals.

The Domain: CHATEAU L'ESCART makes two promises. To be passionate about its traditional agricultural heritage and to produce authentic wines which are drunk with the heart and the mind.

Ideally located at the gateway to Bordeaux on fine gravel and clay-limestone soil, the vineyard is spread over 37 HA, all in one block.

The excellence of a fine wine depends mainly on the quality of the grapes. Obvious perhaps, but something that is nevertheless worth remembering and something that has become our motto. Quality is also a reason. We take great care in maintaining the vineyard so that it is naturally resistant to parasites without the need for the heavy use of treatments.

Thus, each harvest preserves the natural riches of the soil.

The land we cultivate is the same land our parents cultivated, and the same land our children and our children's children will cultivate. Ultimately, it does not belong to us and so we must respect it. Our motto is, "Produce wines of exceptional quality whilst respecting the land which is on loan to us from our children."


We are convinced that the quality of the wines that are born of this land is a direct result of the love we have for it and the respect we pay it.