Château du Hureau "Tuffe" Saumur Champigny 2018


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“Tuffe,” named for the famed local chalky-limestone subsoil that underlies 1-6 feet of varying cover soils in Saumur Champigny’s best vineyards, is from Château du Hureau’s estate-owned vineyards. It’s one of the best wines of the region thanks to Philippe Vatan and his daughter Agathe’s rigorous organic vineyard work. They prune, till, crop-thin, and green-harvest, all by hand.

Château Hureau is obsessive about quality fruit. Their harvest is meticulous. To get each cluster at optimal ripeness they make many passes through the vineyards, extending extremely late into the season. At the cellar, they hand-sort the fruit down to individual berries.

The Vatans vinify with native yeasts in tanks and use tanks and varying-sized used barrels for aging. The absurd amount of work and care explains why this wine is such a gorgeous expression of Saumur Champigny and cabernet franc.