Chamas Honnorat Chañarmuyo Estate Malbec 2018


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From the importer- Argentina’s Chañarmuyo Valley is an oasis in the middle of a rocky desert with very little vegetation. Situated at 5,643 feet over sea level, it presents one-of-a kind conditions. A wide range of temperatures makes it ideal to grow noble grapes that will find their expression in the wines coming from this wonderful terroir. Bodega Chañarmuyo was founded in 2001 to consecrate the craft of winemaking as a formidable vehicle for personal growth in harmony with the natural landscape. Their wines feature a higher concentration of color, aroma, and flavor in carefully-chosen Malbec, Tannat, Petit Verdot, and Pinot Noir grapes, which combine into a distinctively high-quality set of wines.

Varietals- Malbec