Ceremony Destroyer Coffee Beans

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12oz Bag of Beans

Flavor Profile: Creamsicle, Peach, Bright

Color: Orange - Warm, lively orange coffees feature sweet citrus and stone fruit flavors or peaches, tangerines, and apricots.
Acidity: Vibrant
Elevation: 2100MASL
Harvest: Winter 2019-2020
Roast: Medium
Process: Washed
Cultivar: Caturra + Pache + Bourbone + Pacamara + Heirlooms

Country: Guatemala + Washed Ethiopia (Multiple Small Producers)

"Bright, balanced blend creates a new standard. Vibrant, citrusy, and sweet - perfect for any brew method."

"Well-balanced and dynamic with seasonal coffees from the Americas and Africa, Destroyer excels as an exciting, engaging espresso or richly harmonious filter brew. With a rich, sugary core playing off vibrant, citrusy high-tones, this is a gorgeous, perspective-changing coffee, neat or with milk.

Get dialed into a bright, sweet espresso with a brew ratio around 1:1.8 and a boiler temperature of 201F."