Thesis - Whole Bean Coffee


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12oz Bag of Beans

Flavor Profile: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brown Sugar, Sweet

Color: Light Brown - Reliable, all-day blonde coffees balance sweet and toasty with a hint of excitement, creating well-liked flavors of milk chocolate, confectionery, and candied fruit.
Acidity: Pleasing
Elevation: 1500MASL
Harvest: Winter + Summer 2020
Roast: Light-Medium
Process: Washed
Cultivar: Bourbon + Catuai + Typica + Caturra + Pache

Countries: Peru + Guatemala (Multiple Small Producers)

"Uncomplicated and ideal for every day. Our most popular filter-brewed blend keeps us coming back for more."

"Classic, sweet, and consistent, we are justifiably proud of our House Blend. Updated seasonally with fresh-crop American coffees, Thesis strives to make a strong statement about the ideal, sugar browning-forward cup."