Cendre Royale "Morbier" - Mon Sire


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This is a pasteurized version of Morbier which is a cheese made famous by legend. Legend has it that the cheese was originally made for personal consumption by the workers producing Comté. A mixture of wood ash and salt was sprinkled over any leftover fresh curd from the morning’s milk in order to keep insects away and prevent a rind forming. Any left over curd from that evening’s milk was then placed on top. Consequently, the cheese made had a black furrow running through the middle of it, which is now a definite characteristic of the Morbier. Nowadays, the ash layer is purely decorative and made from a vegetable dye. 

The cheese has a rubbed rind with supple and soft interior exhibiting both savoury and fruity notes, and a distinct pungent aroma

Pasteurized Cow's Milk, France