Cave Verdier Logel La Volcanique Côtes du Forez 2019


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100% Gamay

This cuvée is a great classic of the estate where the terroir gives the grape a character different from its most common expressions. If the typical fruitiness of Gamay is very present, it is however dominated by warmer notes that evoke smoke and pepper. Likewise on the palate, the profile of a light, tender, tangy wine fades to the benefit of a mouth structured by tannins reinforcing the sensation of smoke.

The wines of Côtes du Forez are light in body, low in tannin and very much reliant on their fresh, vibrant fruit flavors. They bear all the hallmarks of classic Gamay vinified through carbonic maceration and are best consumed within a few years of vintage. The style is therefore very similar to that of Beaujolais, less than 50 miles (80km) to the northeast.