Castello di Poppiano Vin Santo della Torre Grande 2008 (500ml)


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From the ancient and honoured tradition of Tuscan hospitality comes this fabulous wine: Vin Santo (“Holy Wine”). The must obtained from dried Malvasia grapes is fermented and matured for years in oak and chestnut barrels (“caratelli”) in the spectacular Vinsantaia (the Vinsanto winery) in the Main Tower (“Torre Grande”) of the Castle.

Grape varieties Malvasia.
Passerillage raisining of the grapes on “tenditoi” (drying plateaux) in the Castle from September up to December.
Fermentation and maturing in “caratelli” (typical small oak and chestnut barrels) continues for 3 to 4 years, until the almost complete transformation of the residual sugar.
Alcohol 17 – 18 % Vol.

Tasting Notes its dry structure, traditional of the old times classic Vinsanto, balanced by a natural delicate sweetness makes it a fine dessert wine