Carlone Davide Colline Novaresi Croatina 2017


Sold Out

The Story: Until a couple of years ago Davide Carlone was a ghost, someone known only to the producers in Alto Piemonte. Admired for the fruit he grows in his vineyards, which include the oldest Boca vineyard in existence and a 100+ year old Croatina vineyard, he supplies many of the top wineries in the area with more than half of their fruit, for now…. When I first met Cristiano Garella he told me that Carlone was going to be the best producer in Boca. Carlone prefers to spend his time in the vineyard, but once you get him into the cellar and talking about his wines he has plenty to say; though he steers the conversation back to the fruit often. Yet another great part of Alto Piemonte isthe fact that you can have someone like Carlone, who had remained unknown until a couple of years ago. Tiny production and he sells out very quickly. Everything is done by hand.

Vineyard: La Capella, a hilly site, located in the commune of Prato Sesia at an elevation of 350-400 masl. The vineyard site covers 2ha with south/southwest exposure. Grapes are manually harvested and manually sorted the second half of October.

Vinification: Fermented and macerated 8-10 days in stainless steel tank. Malolactic fermentation naturally occurs as soon as possible with the rise of the temperature in the cellar followed by minimal racking.

Ageing: Aged 18 months in stainless steel tank followed by 2 months in the bottle prior to release.

Everything else you want to know about this wine: Made from some of the oldest vines in Italy. Carlone’s passion for winemaking is described as: “A love that is expressed patiently favoring the rhythms and the processes of nature, accompanying it with competence and wisdom toward the fulfillment of itself. Boca and Croatina from Davide Carlone is born this way: “trusting grapes”, supporting the work of the land and limiting human intervention.”

90% Croatina, 10% Vespolina