Cantine Farro Falanghina "Campi Flegrei" 2021


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Alcohol: 12%

Grape(s): 100% Falanghina

LocalizationCampania, Italy

Tasting Notes: A wine with an enviable story, it takes its name from the system told the puteolana, still used today which expected the support poles for the vines, in Latin "phalanges" from which derives Falanghina. The Flegrean vine belongs to 'Hellenic aristocracy" and is cultivated ungrafted. Pale yellow color, the nose offers aromas of pineapple, peach, apricot, broom, and magnolia. The palate is soft, broad, and balanced, amplifying its olfactory sensation.

The Domain: The wine cellar Farro del Fusaro, in the commune of Bacoli, was founded in 1926. Michele Farro, with his inherited family experience and great passion, set up a program for the recovery and increase in value of the wines of the Flegrea area: Piedirosso and Falanghina from Campi Flegrei with Controlled Denomination of Origin (D.O.C.).

Being derived from the remains of volcanic eruptions, the soil is rich in ashes, pumice, tuff and micro elements which because of their presence determine aromas and tastes in the wines which are absolutely unique. The volcanic nature of the areas of sediment has preserved the vines from phylloxera. The grapes saved in this way are described by oenologists “a piede franco” - being original and not grafted.